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About PintPass App

The following is from the initial Pint Pass Google Play listing and while it is pretty general it does give a good high-level breakdown of what the application is:

PintPass is back and better than ever. PintPass 2.0 pays craft beer fans nationwide to visit craft breweries. The new app will have 5,500+ brewery locations for users to earn beer money at.
Currently, we are in BETA, only allowing early sign up users on the app at this time. Please visit to sign up and get early access to the app months before the general public. Once you sign up for early app access we will notify you as soon as you are able to get access to the app.

PintPass Founder 4/3/19 Update

On 4/3/2019 PintPass sent out a notice regarding a small but still major change to the Application. Due to the success it seems they were going to halt or perhaps at least cease for now paid check-ins. What does that mean? Well you can still use the app but while they are working on the next version you simply will not collect your $2 per check-in. Below is part of the Founder’s email but you can read all of it here if you wish.

Since the public launch of our free app on Oct. 15, 2018, our passionate craft-beer-drinking app users have logged nearly 200,000 unique brewery visits and have completed nearly 1,000,000 feedback responses — we all have supported the breweries with an average bar tab of $12.


HERE’S THE APP CHANGE: We are announcing today, that due to the app’s overwhelming success, it is time for us to improve, update, and develop the next version of the app. While we complete the necessary development work and updates, to our security and feedback requests, we will need to temporarily cease paid check-ins.

Aside from paid check-ins, every aspect of the app will function the same, and you’ll still be able to use it the same way you have been — to submit surveys, redeem your beer money, text-a-beer to friends, use your beer log, discover new breweries, find current beers on tap, etc. We will get back to offering incentives once the new version of the app and updated surveys are completed.

What Does the PintPass App Do?

Basically, I understand it to pay you a small amount to help with some market research for the breweries. It currently is in BETA but will open to more people October 15, 2018 (maybe later if there are delays but that is the date listed everywhere). So in theory, if you visit breweries often you can make $2 a day. Not a ton and there is a limit of one brewery a day right now but 2-4 visits and you get a free beer at most places. I might be attending the Rialto Beer Bash but sadly Beer Festivals don’t count right now – maybe they can add that too? Or based on how I have read some things you basically get a free beer aka a $2 beer that the App pays for. I will find out for sure once I use it in the coming days.

How Does PintPass Work?

There is a detailed step by step at PintPass but here are the quick steps:

  1. Download the App (was in BETA until October 15, 2018 but is now open to all)
  2. Create Free Account
  3. Visit a Brewery (there are 5500 or more listed in the app)
  4. Turn on your notifications. After 30 seconds, you’ll be asked to answer a few short questions about your brewery experience.
  5. $2 in Beer Money will be deposited into your account. Simply ask your bartender to input the number of your PintPass MasterCard to settle your tab.

Here are some quick screenshots, I will post some of the App on my phone soon.

PintPass App Review

This PintPass review is going to focus on the Google Play/Android version since that is what my primary phone is. Sorry, but I will not cover the IOS version but I imagine it will be pretty similar. In the coming days (of course, they sent me my BETA invite just days after I visited 4 breweries) I will get a full review of the app in action completed.

  • – The main part of the app serves as a brewery finder so if you use this app long term you can delete others you have if you wish.
  • – You can send text contacts via the app and even send them a beer. I may try this in the future but want to earn enough for me to buy at least one beer first.
  • – The list of breweries they have appears pretty updated. I assume they will work to keep it updated based on feedback and breweries pinging them.
  • – In regards to the app’s map, I wonder if breweries will ask to be exempted from the app and thus not show up in the app. Or perhaps they will but with some message that asks the user to encourage the brewery to participate.
  • – The only rule given is that you can only check into 1 brewery a day. In my quick testing, this is not a 24 hour day but rather Monday, Tuesday, etc. So if you check into a brewery at 9 PM on Saturday you should be able to check into one at 2 PM on Sunday.
  • – Not displayed anywhere but rather found during my testing is that initially, Beta Testers can only check into 4 breweries in a month. Oddly this keeps you below the needed $10 to buy a beer so after a few weeks of testing the app I have yet to buy a beer.

Frequently Asked Pint Pass Questions

Here are some rapid fire questions. As of 4/4/2019 I believe they are all correct and up to date.

  • Does PintPass Pay You to Drink Beer? – Not really but you could kind of say that prior to the 4/3/19 update. PintPass was more about getting customer feedback for the brewery by offering the carrot of $2 per check-in to the customer.
  • How Does PintPass Make Money? – I do not work for the company or have any insider knowledge but I assume they make their money by selling the customer feedback to Breweries as a type of Market Research. There are many companies that offer Secret Shopper services and to me this is just a different way to do and offer such feedback but at scale.
  • How Much Do I Get Paid Per Check-in? As of 4/3/19 you are not paid but prior to that it was $2 a check-in with a limit of one check-in per day.
  • Is PintPass Legit? – Yes. As a user since the beginning I have earned enough to cash in a good 3-4 times now. If you go to 4 breweries a month that is $8 times 6+ months. I have “earned” as of this update likely 40-50$ from the app which I of course have given right back to the breweries.
  • Why Can’t I Spend My Money? – I don’t know if they have updated some of their own PintPass FAQs but it seems that they “require” you to keep $5 in the account to make sure there is money to tip the bartender/server of the brewery.
  • Is There a Minimum I Need to Spend My Beer Money? – I believe that number was and still is $10 but remember that you need to have $5 in there for tip. So if you have $10 and buy a $6 beer it will not work. Try again after the next visit.
  • They Stopped Paying for Check-ins, What Happens to My Beer Money? – No idea honestly but I have some in mine that I will be trying to use the weekend of 4/5-4/7/2019 and will update this review/question.

Pint Pass Review Update – 10/1/2018

In using the App a few times I finally thought I had enough to pay for a beer ($6.00) which in most places will cover a beer. I figured out the steps and then realized there is a minimum to spend/use/have in your account of $10. Well, that is a first. So it appears it will take me a bit longer until I get that free beer.

Another issue is that if you check into 4 breweries in a month it will stop letting you earn money. In my rush to try and hit that $10 mark to try and use the app to finally buy a beer, I discovered this. For me, it showed up by displaying that I was at a brewery but would NOT let me take any action or check-in. I opened a ticket with PintPass support and was told this:

In current form, users can only check into one brewery per day (max 4 per month). We realize this is not ideal and have plans in the works to get this resolved in the near future. We set the app up this way for our beta phase and plan to change this when we open the app up to the general public.

So I currently have $8 on my tab and will hopefully get a chance soon to try and cash it in for a beer.

Pint Pass Review Update #2 – 2/1/2019

So I had some travel, the holidays, and a ton of work. Which is making this a VERY late update which is a good 2-3 months overdue. For you reading this the first time in 2019 you might not notice but many of the events below happened in October 2018.

Pint Pass Review Update #3 – 4/4/2019

Added at the start of the review was the big update around the change in paying out for check-ins. This to me personally and many others was likely one of the reasons you used the app – getting a small payment for the check-in and information you give.

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    • I think the effort is worth it to check into a place I was already at. It could load some things a bit faster but the check-in and questions honestly take little time. Also, the map is handy for finding places when traveling.

    • As far as I know, it is not. The people behind it are based in Bozeman, Montana. A few years ago InBev did buy all of or part of RateBeer – perhaps that is what you or thinking or why you asked.

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