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River Hawk Brewing

Hours Open:
3p - 10p
3p - 10p
3p - 10p
3p - 10p
3p - 11p
12p - 11p
12p - 9p

About River Hawk Brewing

20180223_171638No matter where you’re seated in our taproom, you’ve got the best seat in the house to experience the sights and sounds of River Hawk. Our 3.5 bbl beer brewing system is on full display along with our 12 fermenters and (4) 500-gallon wine tanks. Our goal is to keep the tasting experience as authentic and organic as possible.

River Hawk Brewing Parking

The brewery is located in a small strip mall just 2 miles off I-80 and not far from where I-80 and I-55 intersect. Parking itself shouldn’t be a problem unless you are there at say peak hour. That said I don’t think anything else around it is open so at that point all of the parking should be available to the brewery patrons.

Food & Food Trucks @ River Hawk Brewing

No food but you can bring your own in and it does seem that often on weekends they have food trucks stopping by. On my visit I saw a couple sitting at the bar having some beers and eating chips and dip. I was very jealous!

River Hawk Brewing Hours

  • Monday: 3p – 10p
  • Tuesday: 3p – 10pv
  • Wednesday: 3p – 10p
  • Thursday: 3p – 10p
  • Friday: 3p – 11p
  • Saturday: 12p – 11p
  • Sunday: 12p – 9p

River Hawk Brewery Tours

Officially River Hawk Brewing does not offer tours but simply go to the restroom and you can see everything. From most seats you can see all or much of the brewery as well.



*Perhaps I should slow down and take better photos on my next visit as well.

River Hawk Brewing Review

The location isn’t “right” off the highway but they certainly are pretty close. Parking and seating are abundant and the beer options should cover just about anyone. I don’t think I have seen so many variants of Hefeweizen in one place so if you like Hefeweizen – you should try and visit for sure. One of the beers, the Yellow Jacket is also gluten free so they really do have a diverse range of beers.

River Hawk Brewing Atmosphere

The place is pretty big. I want to say it is 3 “stores” combined into one. There isn’t a “stage” but there is clearly an area with speakers where live music plays. The bar is really long and the community tables make it easy to have a big group there. I saw a group of a good 8 if not 12 friends all sitting there on my visit. It doesn’t have a rustic or old feel but it also doesn’t feel like you are in a strip mall.

River Hawk Brewing Service & Staff

I got there right when they opened on a Friday in Feb 2018. There was just one bartender and really that is all they (or most places) need. By the time I left at 5 it was pretty busy and suddenly I looked up from my laptop to see 3 servers. Everyone was nice and quick about seeing if I needed anything.

Final River Hawk Brewing Thoughts

20180223_151447I didn’t see anything that screams “kid friendly” but it certainly does get busy (I drove by recently on a Friday/Saturday and it was packed). On my own visit I left just after 5PM on a Friday and it was already pretty hopping. The diverse beer selection is on the lighter side and honestly quite heavy on the fruit flavors vs. beer for me but I certainly will go try some of the lagers, reds and porters in the future.

Overall the prices aren’t bad and if you want to try some different beers from what you normally see out there I say stop by this place if you can.

River Hawk Brewing Beer Review

3 of the 5 I tried were Hefeweizens so if you want to try some variants this is the place to go. They do have lagers, reds a porter and others but I simply was in a Hefeweizen mood on my visit!

  • Peach Madness – The fruit flavor with this one is strong. Too strong honestly. Might work better in summer for me.
  • Yellow Jacket – am going to try this again on a hot day.
  • Talon – It is described as “An autumn spin on a hefeweizen” and that it is. Can’t say I have had anything like it. It was good but perhaps a bit too much spice.
  • Snap Dragon IPA – session IPA
  • Hollow 2.0 – I am guessing that this is the second version or also known as Hallo2Point but I’m not sure. Anyways it is an interesting Hefeweizen.