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Revolution Brewing

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About Revolution Brewing


The change in the U.S. beer scene has undoubtedly been revolutionary. We are proud of what we have accomplished in our short time to become a leader and innovator in the industry. The evolving tastes of beer drinkers has demanded bigger flavors, more variety, and better beer. That’s exactly what we give you at Revolution Brewing. Between our brewery and our brewpub, we produce dozens of different beer styles every year. IPAs, porters, pilsners, Belgian-style ales, pale ales, barrel-aged beers—the list goes on!



Revolution Brewing Parking

It is in the city and on a pretty busy street. There is no lot for the taproom so street parking and parking in the nearby neighborhood is all there really is. On my visit (2/2018) during a Sunday I was able to find a spot on the street a half a block away. Not bad really but I’m going to guess that if you are trying to go during peak hours just cab/Uber/Lyft it if possible.

Food & Food Trucks @ Revolution Brewing

There is no food and from what I can tell/read about there isn’t the option to bring in outside food either. So go for some brews and maybe a tour and grab food elsewhere.



Revolution Brewing Hours

The following times are for the Tap Room.

  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: Closed
  • Wednesday: 2–10pm
  • Thursday: 2–10pm
  • Friday: 2–11pm
  • Saturday: noon–11pm
  • Sunday: noon–6pm

Revolution Brewing Brewery Tours

First come, first serve. They don’t take tour reservations, nor can they save places for people. Space is limited, so come early! Some quick things to know about tours at this taproom:

  • 30 People MAX
  • The tour is FREE.
  • Tours max out quickly on Saturdays so get there early.
  • Tours last 30-35 minutes
  • Tours include a tasting (aka a can of beer to drink on the tour)
  • There are no restrooms available (or garbage cans) once the tour starts
  • You can bring a drink along (but again there is no where to dispose of it once the tour starts)
  • Each person for the tour must be present to sign up.
  • No Q&A during the tour, only at the end.



Brewery Tour Schedule:
Tours are happening every day that the taproom is open. Expect Saturday and Sunday to be busy (it was when I visited) so showing up minutes before the tour might not work. Plan ahead!

  • Wednesday – 6pm, 7pm
  • Thursday – 6pm, 7pm
  • Friday – 6pm, 7pm
  • Saturday – 3pm, 4pm, 5pm, 6pm
  • Sunday – 2pm, 3pm, 4pm

Private Brewery Tours:

We can also arrange private tours – outside of our normal tour hours, please – for groups up to 30 people. Private tours can be requested by filling out the form on the Private Tours page no later than two weeks in advance. Private tours of our Kedzie production facility take about 45 minutes, and each guest will receive two 7-ounce beer samples and a Revolution pint glass. Private tours run a $50 tour fee, plus $5 per person, for groups up to 30 people.

Revolution Brewing Brewery Tour Review

On 2/18/2018 I was able to get over to the taproom and hop on a tour. I didnt time it but we started on time (3pm -ish) and wrapped up fairly quickly. The guide said 30-35 minutes and I’m guessing that is about where we came in at. After non glasses wearing folks grabbed some goggles and we all grabbed a beer we quickly started by hitting their cooler. From there we worked our way through the much expanded brewery.



Revolution Brewing Atmosphere

The space isn’t obvious as I drove right by it not once but almost twice. Once you walk up the stairs and enter the taproom it opens up to this HUGE space. There is a huge bar, tons of seating and different gathering areas and even some games & free popcorn. Despite being so big and open the bar and seating make it feel warm and almost cozy. Certainly is a great place to go and hide from a cold winter Chicago day.

Revolution Brewing Food

No food served or allowed from what I can tell. There is a popcorn machine so if you want free popcorn you are covered!



Revolution Brewing Service & Staff

My interactions were limited but each interaction I did have was really nice. The guy at the merch/bar/tour ticket counter was nice (to me and others) and helpful, the bartenders were quick and polite, and the tour guide kept things moving while being a bit of a joker.

Final Revolution Brewing Thoughts

Overall the process to get a ticket is obvious and simple (just go up to the part of the bar that says TOUR TICKETS duh). There is a meeting place and your ticket says the time. From there the tour is pretty quick as they ask that you hold questions until the end. The tour itself isn’t very technical but covers the basics of brewing as they walk you through the brewery. Much of the content focuses on how they do things, what they do it with and mixes in a nice amount of history and examples.

Overall its a quick tour and if you are going to the taproom why not get a free beer, free tour and a quick walk around where they make the beer you like? Sounds like a deal to me.



Revolution Brewing Beer Review

Being a local to Chicago and actually just buying a Hero Series 18 there wasn’t a ton available that I haven’t had. I did manage to find one new beer and get something I like but rarely order.

  • A Little Crazy – This was given to us on the tour and I wasn’t complaining.
  • The Radar’s Been Jammed – This Gose wasn’t all that sour but had a small kick. Honestly it was really good and Ill be on the lookout for it again.