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A few years ago (2014) I was able to travel to Munich, Germany during the one and only Oktoberfest. The grounds where it takes place is much bigger then I expected and if you don’t pay attention you can easily get turned around. There are tons of tents, a few beer stands, lots of food, and lots of carnival (and really big carnival) rides to keep you busy for hours.

If you are going with a group and want to be sure to have a spot in a tent, I HIGHLY recommend you plan ahead and get tickets. As far as food – I can’t comment on the food in any of the booths or even in the tents but one of my favorite places in Munich is between the festival grounds and the main Munich train station. So if you need a bite (before or after) I suggest Tarboosh. In the future I will try and create a list of other places to grab a bite for now, go get some awesome Schwarma and Ein Bier, bitte!