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Off Color Brewing - The MouseTrap

Hours Open:

About Off Color Brewing Mousetrap

The taproom is kid-friendly until 4pm Saturday and 6pm the rest of the week. Otherwise, we are a 21+ establishment.

Off Color Brewing Mousetrap Parking

20180218_175517 There is some street parking but there is a ton around the Mousetrap so during the evening expect to park down the street at a lot or spend some time searching. I was able to score some street parking almost across the street – SCORE! And if you are thinking about parking at the Whole Foods, don’t. Keep looking or just dont drive.

Food & Food Trucks @ Off Color Brewing Mousetrap

They do not have a kitchen but we welcome outside food. Bring your own or order in. The Whole Foods food court is next door **and** there is even have a direct line to Pizzeria Bebu down the block. Yes a pizza phone!

There are also a number of places to eat a block away in any direction from the Mousetrap.

Off Color Brewing Mousetrap Hours

  • Monday: 11am-11pm
  • Tuesday: 11am-11pm
  • Wednesday: 11am-11pm
  • Thursday: 11am-11pm
  • Friday: 11am-Midnight
  • Saturday: 11am-Midnight
  • Sunday: 11am-11pm

Off Color Brewing Mousetrap Brewery Tours

When: Sundays @ 2pm & 6pm
Cost: Free!
Limit: Tours are capped at 12 guests.
How: Sign up in person at the To Go counter. First come, first served, ya dig?

The tour itself isn’t long but the brewery there isn’t huge either. I believe it took 30 minutes for the one I did on 2/18/2018 (honestly I didnt time it but that sounds right). You do get a free taster to take with you as you walk. So buy a drink or just take the taster and enjoy the free tour.



Off Color Brewing Mousetrap Brewery Tour Review

The tour itself is a no frills type tour. Get your name on the list at the front and then grab a beer and wait. You also get a sampler to take on the tour so make sure you have one hand free! The tour isn’t super long but you cover a good amount of the history, projects in the works, some brewing basics and a bit more.

Off Color Brewing Mousetrap Atmosphere

The place isn’t big but the tables will certainly hold small groups. If you are thinking of bringing a large group (12+) you may have to take over more than one table – good luck if it is busy. The bar has some seating but it is limited. Overall if you are looking for a cozy place to warm up during the winter this has that vibe and the beers will make sure you are warm from head to toe.



Off Color Brewing Mousetrap Service & Staff

The staff overall is awesome. I saw John Laffler around the brewery in the taproom while there, but I didn’t bug him. Erin (in photo below) aka ChicagoErin gave the brewery tour I took and she also acted like a cat herder since a large number of people on the group seemed to just want to wander. Added props to her for that multitasking during the tour.

Final Off Color Brewing Mousetrap Thoughts

20180218_181611 I always prefer the tours that focus on how they do things, info on projects or ingredients and not just a “here is where the grain goes, here is X, and just really detailed but basic “how to make beer” type tours. This tour certainly isn’t a boring or technical tour and I did learn a good amount about how it got started and some other interesting facts that I will let you go learn on your own. So if you are visiting Chicago and want to explore beyond the Loop – check out the Mousetrap and some other great places nearby it for drinks and food.

Off Color Brewing Beer Review

After a long day I kept it to just a single beer to try. I also thought we may get some on/after the tour and I was right!

  • I’m Sorry – really good. Want more. Took some home.
  • Dino S’mores – next time I need to get the fancy version of this with the marshmallow and all the works.