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MyGrain Brewing Company

Hours Open:
11am to 10pm
11am to 10pm
11am to 10pm
11am to Midnight
11am to 1am
11am to 1am
11am to 10pm

About MyGrain Brewing Company

MyGrain Brewing Company is committed to brewing craft beers which are intense, flavorful, and smooth with bold styles that you will never forget.

MyGrain Brewing Company Parking

Parking here is a bit of a mess and it really depends on what time you visit. There is paid parking in the train station lot around the corner but on some days/times it can be full or nearly full which will have you walking forever. If you visit after 5PM there is a bank right across the street and a tiny sliver of parking that might work. There is also street parking in the area but consider the time and how busy the area might be prior to going.

MyGrain Brewing Food & Food Trucks

There is a full kitchen but Thursday – Saturday it closes at 11pm which should still give you a ton of time to grab dinner/food. On my visit I didnt get any food but it did look and smell good as many others around me got some.

Is MyGrain Brewing Kid Friendly?

20171126_155051Yes, very much so. I mean the little guy got crayons and a menu and a kid friendly milk. We didn’t eat but there was a table behind us with a young girl (4-6 years old) that clearly was there to eat.

MyGrain Brewing Company Hours

No breakfast (it is in the train station) but you can certainly get lunch if in the area or stop and get dinner/a drink after working in Chicago.

  • Monday: 11am to 10pm
  • Tuesday: 11am to 10pm
  • Wednesday: 11am to 10pm
  • Thursday: 11am to Midnight
  • Friday: 11am to 1am
  • Saturday: 11am to 1am
  • Sunday: 11am to 10pm


MyGrain Brewing Company Brewery Tours

As of December 2017 there is no information or sign that they give full blown tours. While on a visit I did see a small group get to poke around with an employee a bit but I don’t think it was a full tour. So if you really want to see behind the scenes go on a slow Sunday afternoon and ask – maybe you will get lucky.

Final MyGrain Brewing Thoughts

The place overall is a bit smaller (seating wise) than I thought it would be but then they do have a kitchen and brew beer so not sure what I was thinking. There are some booths, some TVs (NFL was on during my visit) and lots of community style tables. So if you are heading with a small or big group, this place will work.

As far as the service and beer – both were great. The place is also VERY kid friendly, at least on a Sunday afternoon it was. I had my 4 year old and there were some other kids there all quite happy. Our server hooked up the little guy with not only milk but a kid friendly cup so when I say they are kid friendly, they really are.


The host that seated us, the servers I watched and our own awesome server were all great. I think the one thing missing is 2-3 dart boards. There is an area by the non main entrance that would be perfect for a few dart boards. Beyond that, the place is great, open and will hopefully have some great food on tap for me on my next visit.

MyGrain Brewing Company Beer Review

20171126_154959For a new brewery they actually have a pretty good selection of beer on tap. If my memory serves correctly they only have their beers available, but like I said – with a ton of options they should have your style of preference covered.

  • Wheel In the Sky IPA With Guava – hands down this was the best of the bunch.
  • Pilcher’s Pale Ale – not bad.
  • FNL Kölsch
  • City of Stone – will try as a pint sometime.