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Lagunitas Brewery - Chicago

Hours Open:
1PM & 3 PM
1PM & 3 PM
1PM, 3 PM & 5PM
1PM, 3 PM & 5PM
1PM, 3 PM, 4PM, 5PM & 6PM
1PM, 2PM, 3 PM, 4PM, 5PM & 6PM
1PM, 2PM, 3 PM, 4PM, 5PM & 6PM

Lagunitas Brewery Tour Review (Chicago)

Don’t mind the staff at Lagunitas, they just like to have a good time. There is a crazy hallway you walk down before you get to the Tour waiting area or head upstairs to the taproom. Along the way you can see into the brewery and what is going on through various windows down the hallway. Once you wander, look, and find your way into the big fun waiting room the tasting starts. There were 3-4 staffers pouring tasters, talking to everyone and answering questions.

After 30-45 minutes of trying 4-5 tasters we were rounded up by our tour guide Katie and taken up 2 stories to the start of the tour. A tour takes you through and above the floor and includes 4 stops along the way. They have a nice PA like system at each of the 4 spots so even when you are right above #3 where they are bottling you can still hear your tour guide. Katie threw out a bunch of numbers, history, and plans for the brewery that were all interesting but I didnt have a paper and pen so just go do the tour yourself! Also at each stop we were told a number of stories about the start of Lagunitas, how some of the beer labels/names came to be, and just some funny background that you may or may not know about.

The tour itself was likely 30-45 minutes long and aside from the stairs you take at the start is really an easy walk (it also is wheel chair accessible). The staff in the waiting area was great, Katie was funny and a great guide and overall the tour is a good time. I didnt have time to stay and check out the Taproom but we did cut through some of it while on the tour and there is plenty of seating.

If in the area I would highly recommend heading over and catching a tour and grabbing a few beers. They do tours daily and in the afternoon so I would suggest trying to catch those tours as the weekends are likely pretty crazy.

Brewery Tour Review By:

  • Drinker:Brewery Tour Guy
  • Tour Date: 4/28/2016
  • Tour Rating:4.5

Lagunitas Brewery Tour Days, Cost, & Information

The below information is updated from time to time so take it with a grain of salt. We will try and keep thins updated but for all we know a brewery could change times and days 2 hours after we update. If you ever see information that is outdated please let us know!

Games and Fun in Brewery Tour Waiting Area

Taps in the Brewery Tour Waiting Area

Brewery Tour Cost

While some tours are free, not all are. You will also notice that some give you A TON of beer along the way while others give you barely any. Some will give you a branded glass. In some cases you will get multiple beers AND food – it really just depends and so does the price.

  • FREE!
  • You get a good 4-5 samples before you start
  • You can hit the taproom right before it starts and take your beer with you (I actually saw someone jump into the taproom while on the tour really quickly and get a beer)

Chicago Brewery Tour Tips & General Information

Often there are some odd or interesting things each brewery does differently. Sometimes they only do tours for groups. Some only do them if you have a reservation. Sometimes they only do them once a week and at a single time.

  • I was actually late but the first 30-45 minutes is spent tasting beers so even if you are a few minutes late you should be good.
  • Plenty of free parking at the brewery but I can see it being full during peak “bar” hours.
  • The brewery isn’t exactly downtown but public transportation is possible (Metra has a stop via BNSF nearby and a Pink Line stop at California are both nearby).

All Are Named After Dogs

Named After a Dog named Joe (RIP Joe)

Lagunitas Brewery Tour Schedule

This is one of the few places in Chicago or anywhere that does tours daily.Please check the Brewer’s website to confirm availability on the day you expect to visit.

  • Monday: 1PM & 3 PM
  • Tuesday: 1PM & 3 PM
  • Wednesday: 1PM, 3 PM & 5PM
  • Thursday: 1PM, 3 PM & 5PM
  • Friday: 1PM, 3PM, 4PM, 5PM & 6PM
  • Saturday: 1PM, 2PM, 3PM, 4PM, 5PM & 6PM
  • Sunday: 1PM, 2PM, 3PM, 4PM, 5PM & 6PM