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Elder Brewing Company

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About Elder Brewing Company

We are a small and cozy spot off of a busy one way street into Downtown Joliet, IL. We don’t serve food, but we encourage you to bring your own or order in. We offer everyone a bowl of popcorn and a 1982 Millipede game free to play. We want people to enjoy top of the line craft beer made on premise, as well as each other’s company. We truly believe in supporting local, our community, and downtown Joliet.

Elder Brewing Company Parking

Parking is a bit tricky and on my visit (Jan 2018) I found street parking just outside. There were a number of spots open and for 2 hours it cost me $1 (25 cents per 30 min, 2 hour max). There are also some side streets and a small fenced in lot that you may or may not want to use. I say may not because it has a gate and when they close… your car will be locked in. That said the brewery isnt far from the baseball stadium and main train station so there is much parking that way and the train of course!



Food & Food Trucks at Elder Brewing Company

BYOF or munch on the free popcorn. There are some menus for nearby eats and Velas Tap is right next door. MyGrain Brewery is just up the street along with a number of other places nearby.

Elder Brewing Company Hours

  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: Closed
  • Wednesday: Closed
  • Thursday: 4pm-8pm
  • Friday: 1pm-8pm
  • Saturday: 1pm-8pm
  • Sunday: 1pm-5pm

Elder Brewing Company Brewery Tours

No tours are available but maybe if it isnt busy Andrew will let you take a quick look upstairs at the setup (I didn’t on my visit but it doesn’t hurt to ask).

Final Elder Brewing Company Thoughts

While on my visit I was working (I always have my laptop and am searching for wifi) or rather trying. The wifi is spotty but honestly it is a taproom and who cares? Well I do if I want to work but beyond that I really cant complain. I talked with Melissa some (bartender and co-owner) about the beers and Andrew (brewer and co-owner) some as well – both are pretty awesome. The place is laid back, it was late afternoon so it was a mix of people in and out. It is small, max capacity is only 30 so if you have a large group you best hope for it to not be busy. They are working on something so check back in mid 2018 as that issue will likely be solved.

I think the best sign that they are on the right path was the number of people that appeared to be visiting for the first time and then walking out with a 32oz howler. I honestly don’t recall the last time I was in a taproom/brewpub and saw almost everyone walking out with to-go beer in some form.

Lastly the place is comfy, relaxing with good beer and some cool owners – what else can you want? I don’t often venture downtown Joliet but when I do I will be trying to stop here again.



Elder Brewing Company Beer Review

On my visit they offered 6 beers (they had 2 when they opened a few months ago). They offer a 3 ($7) or 5 ($12) flight of 5 oz. samplers. I of course got the 5 beer flight.

  • Hidden Pluton – their base stout they offer
  • Makin Me Late IPA – rounds out their offering with an IPA
  • Trapped Tidal Wheat – by far my fave of the group. I ended my trip with a full pint of this good stuff.
  • Polys Punch – pretty solid pale ale. I only got a taster but if available I will get a pint on the next visit.
  • Cream of the Castle – not my review but how I feel as well “Well executed cream but they just aren’t my thing.” I do try them in samplers but rarely if ever order them as a pint (just not my thing)