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Ecliptic Brewing

Hours Open:
11AM - 10PM
11AM - 10PM
11AM - 10PM
11AM - 10PM
11AM - 11PM
11AM - 11PM
11AM - 9PM

Ecliptic Brewing is a venture from John Harris, an Oregon craft brewing icon. John’s background is one steeped in Oregon’s rich craft brewing history. After beginning as a brewer at McMenamins’ breweries, he moved to Deschutes where he created the recipes for Mirror Pond, Black Butte Porter, Jubelale and Obsidian Stout. He spent the next 20 years of his career as a Brewmaster at Full Sail in charge of creating the Brewmaster Reserve line of beers. The creation of Ecliptic Brewing is the next chapter in John’s illustrious career.

The name Ecliptic Brewing unites John’s two passions: brewing and astronomy. The ecliptic is earth’s yearly path around the sun. The centerpiece of our pub, a massive light fixture in the shape of the Analemma, represents our path through the seasons; we celebrate this journey with beer and food menus in constant change and rotation throughout the year. Our seasonal menu rotates every 6 weeks on the old world calendar: Samhain, Winter Solstice, Brighid, Spring Equinox, Beltaine, Summer Solstice, Lammas and the Autumnal Equinox.

Our philosophy is to push the limits of creativity in the brewhouse, and create a sense of place in both the restaurant and the beer we build. We are set up to welcome both the family out for a meal, as well as the couple who wants to be kid-free. We hope you join us on our journey together.

We have walk in tours available at
on Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays.
Closed toe shoes are required on all tours.
Please note our brewery tours are currently shortened due to some construction and changes in our brewhouse. Your tour may be amended as the guide sees fit depending on the activities in the brewery that day.

Mon – Thurs 11AM – 10PM
Fri – Sat 11AM – 11PM
Sun 11AM – 9PM