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BrickStone Brewery

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About Brickstone Restaurant & Brewery

20170812_113249Brickstone restaurant & brewery is the place where people meet for hand-crafted brews & an inviting atmosphere. Although delicious cuisine has always been a large part of the overall experience, our award-winning craft brews are quickly gaining more and more recognition regionally and nationwide. In addition to the beers we brew out of our pub, Brickstone also has a full-scale brewery right down the street from our pub where we brew our popular year-round beers you can find in cans at your local spot.

BrickStone Brewery Hours

  • Monday: 10:30a–11:30p
  • Tuesday: 10:30a–11:30p
  • Wednesday: 10:30a–11:30p
  • Thursday: 10:30a–11:30p
  • Friday: 10:30a–12:30a
  • Saturday: 10:30a–12:30a
  • Sunday: 10:30a–11:30p

BrickStone Brewery Tour

20170812_105409 Sadly it appears at this time they do not offer any tours. You can however see at least some tanks and literally watch the brewers work – not a tour but maybe “bug” them with some of your questions. They may have more in back somewhere (I honestly think they do but didnt have a chance to ask/look) as they were announcing a new beer in a can and well… they have that down the street at the production facility.

So for now it doesn’t appear they offer any here but maybe they will at some point at the production facility just around the corner at 572 Brewery Lane, Bourbonnais, IL 60914.

BrickStone Brewery Review


On 8/12/2017 I headed into BrickStone just before 11am (they open early) and was the first guest or nearly the first guest. Knowing that 100s and likely many 1000s were in town for the Chicago Bears as well I figured it was best to grab food and a beer FIRST and not when everyone else was after Training Camp. In case you didnt know the Chicago Bears hold Training Camp just down the road at Olivet Nazarene University. In talking with my server I found out I had made a great decision. By 1PM there would be a wait and a long one it would be.

The place is huge – like really huge. There is even a party room that was filling up while I was there and by the time I left (11:30ish) the place and bar had filled up quite a bit (1/3-1/2 totally full already) and more were waiting or coming in. So if you go for lunch on a Saturday I advise you to see what is going on in town, at the University, and get there as early as you can.


Kid Friendly & Food

Unlike most places they actually had a kids menu and the grilled cheese wasnt made for an adult – score one for BrickStone Brewery appearing AND being kid friendly. I went off from what I normally get and got the Mexican Torta. Not what I expected but it was good – no flavor over powered it but Id get it again.

Seating & Size

The place itself is big, clean, plenty of seating in bar area, booths, tables and of course the private party room at the one end. I am guessing they do a brisk business in food and alcohol there.


Staff & Atmosphere

From the outside the place doesnt look small but as I said – there is a ton of seating. They have 3 brew tanks right in the middle of the restaurant but I wonder how much is back behind the walls with the kitchen or if they produce much of the beer offsite (all questions I neglected to ask). However the visual of the tanks, the bar, the wood, and just the overall feeling is a nice cozy space – especially during the winter months.

The staff was all quick, polite and great. I side tracked my server for a bit with some questions around if they show UFC/Fights, how packed is the place during NFL/College Football and some others.

Final Review Thoughts

Perhaps a more flexible beer menu would be great as 2 of the beers I was interested were out and I had no idea until my server told me. Meanwhile there was new beers available that werent listed. For a brewery I would think they would want to push or at least let someone know about the new stuff? Beyond that the service, food, and beer were all really good. While I dont live nearby I will certainly look for excuses to head down to the Bourbonnais area so I can make future trips to BrickStone.

BrickStone Brewery Beer Review

I don’t think my server understood that I was asking if I could get a smaller flight than the 8 beer flight they offered. I rattled off 4 that I was interested in and he came back with 3 small tasters with just a bit of beer of the 3 they had available. So it seems that if you want to try multiple beers you either have to get 8 4oz tasters (basically 2 beers worth) or a single pint. That said if you do get the flight of 8 its only $8 vs. 4-6$ for a pint so not a bad deal even if you dont drink it all.

  • Galaxy Down Under – They were out of my first IPA choice but I wasnt complaining with this one.
  • Hiphop Lemondrop – avoid if you dont like lemon, order if you do.
  • GoldiHops Blonde Ale – only had a super small taster, will have to get a pint in the future
  • Shady Summer – this was a little on the sweet side but still good