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Black Husky Brewing

In 2016, Black Husky moved its brewery operations to the Riverwest neighborhood of Milwaukee where they currently operate a taproom and produce their beers. Not much has changed. Sure there is a bigger building and a few more people in the team but the beer is still delivered in their van, bottling is done by hand and the same care and dedication to produce the best beer is still practiced to honor the 23 dogs that spent their lives with Tim and Toni.


Black Husky will begin doing tours on Saturdays beginning Saturday, May 27 2017 at 1:00 & 2:00. Put on your big boy and girl pants because this will be brutal. Already rated the worst tour in Milwaukee it will only get worse. You will get over-charged and under-served and the abuse will be early and often. Got a friend who needs some humility? Look no further than the Black Husky tour.

To reserve your spot email using the following link and specify which time slot:

Cost is $10 and you get to keep your very own Black Husky pint glass!