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Black Abbey Brewing Company

Hours Open:
3:30pm til 8pm
3:30pm til 8pm
3:30pm til 8pm
3:30pm til 8pm
2:00pm til 8pm
Noon til 8pm
Noon til 6pm

About Black Abbey Brewing Company

The Black Abbey brews similarly inspired ales in Nashville, Tennessee. These ales are creative, accessible and unique. They rely on 600 years of brewing tradition, starting with styles that Martin Luther himself might have enjoyed.

Black Abbey Brewing Parking

There are a few spots out front and more in back. There is however limited parking onsite so if you are heading there for an event you have been warned. Also, watch where you park as there are some spots in back that aren’t spots – like in front of the garage door!

Black Abbey Brewing Food & Food Trucks

In Fellowship Hall they have a few items available but it is mostly really just snack food (pub pretzel or grilled cheese on challa are from Frothy Monkey Bakery). On both of my visits they had food trucks sitting outside. I doubt they have them there everyday but I wouldn’t be shocked if they are at least there very often Fri-Sun. If you really want to know just check out the Events page on their site.

Black Abbey Brewing Hours

The Black Abbey is open to the public every afternoon.

  • Monday: 3:30pm til 8pm
  • Tuesday: 3:30pm til 8pm
  • Wednesday: 3:30pm til 8pm
  • Thursday: 3:30pm til 8pm
  • Friday: 2:00pm til 8pm
  • Saturday: Noon til 8pm
  • Sunday: Noon til 6pm

Black Abbey Brewery Tours

The Black Abbey Brewery offers tours every Saturday at 1pm, 2pm, 3pm and 4pm.

Each tour is about 45 minutes and includes a souvenir pint glass (sweet!), 1 16oz beer and a guided tour of the brewery, not to mention tales of Black Abbey lore and tales inspired by real events.

Tickets are $10 and are available for purchase on their website or at Fellowship Hall every Saturday.

Black Abbey Brewing Review

I happen to have some time prior to the start of Craft Brewer’s Conference in 2018 and stopped in. I also headed there to meet some local friends during the conference at one of their events and had a great burger from the food truck (I thought about getting a second one!).

The place inside isn’t huge but there is certainly a number of seats. If you have a really big group you might have to break it up or stand around. If there is an event going on outside with a tent that will likely be your best bet.

The staff, bar, seating, beer, and place overall are great. There is a reason I suggested it as a meeting place with some local friends over some other possible places (being right off the highway is also handy). So if you are ever heading South on I-65 and find yourself past Nashville look for this place (it is just 5-6 miles from downtown Nashville).

Black Abbey Brewing Service & Staff

On not one but two visits the staff inside the Hall and outside for an event were great. Both times the bartenders were able to help me and others quickly dig into what beers they should try or serve them.

Black Abbey Brewing Beer Review

So within a day I made two visits in early May 2018 so I kept the beers listed to the first visit since they were all

  • The Five Points – this IPA was my fave of the bunch.
  • Crossroads Summer Ale – didn’t love it but didn’t hate it
  • Saint Brendan’s Way Scotch Ale – Scotch anything is so hit or miss with me but this was a hit.
  • The Forty Four – This Porter is formerly known as POTUS 44
  • The Champion – their Pale Ale offering.
  • Grand Design – This Belgian Tripel was good.
  • The Special – This is a Belgian Dubbel, not the hero from the Lego Movie (sorry).
  • The Rose – A Belgian-style blonde ale