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Best Place Pabst Brewery History Tour

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About Best Place Pabst Brewery

To really experience Old World Charm and Hospitality at its finest, you need to take a beer history tour at Best Place at the Historic Pabst Brewery. No reservations are needed. Be transported back in time and then taken on a journey through the tale of Pabst brands and the City of Milwaukee with 60’s retro beer commercials. Join us for the only Beer History Tour in Milwaukee.




Re-live the rich story of the Best & Pabst families over a cold pint of Pabst Blue Ribbon, Schlitz or a Sprecher root beer in ornate Blue Ribbon Hall. Then visit the office of Captain Pabst and the beautiful 1880 corporate headquarters. Walk through the old infirmary (small hospital) which was transformed into a Prohibition Era “Speakeasy”. Finish the tour in the original Guest Center (Sternewirt), where tours started and ended.

Best Place Hours

  • Monday: 12-6PM
  • Tuesday: Closed
  • Wednesday: 12-10PM
  • Thursday: 12-10PM
  • Friday: 10:30AM-5PM
  • Saturday: 10:30AM-5PM
  • Sunday: 10:30AM-6PM

Milwaukee Beer & Pabst History Tour Pricing

Adults $8 (military $6), children 12 & under, free. Best Place is open year-round for tours.

Milwaukee Beer & Pabst History Tour Parking & Transportation

While not RIGHT downtown it isn’t out of the way. A short cab ride, long walk, or use of the street parking are all options. My hotel was 1.5 miles straight West from Summerfest and Henry Maier Festival Park, Milwaukee, WI and Best Place was just a another .75-1 miles from my hotel. To save time I drove and paid for street parking. There is metered street parking right out front and some on nearby side streets – not tons but you should be able to find parking much of the time.

Milwaukee Beer & Pabst History Tour Days & Times

MON., WED. & THURS. – 1 & 3PM
FRI., SAT. & SUN. – 11AM, 12 & 1PM

Do note that the tour isnt 30 or 45 minutes but was closer to 1.5-2 hours total. If you poke around the shop or grab a beer after the tour keep in mind that you could push past 2 hours (I luckily didn’t get a ticket for my expired parking meter).

Best Place & Pabst History Tour Review

There is outside seating, seating in the big conference/meeting room where you start and tons to look at in the shop if you get there early. I poked around the shop a bit and then went and chilled in the big room… where I got my beer that is included with the tour of course! Eventually the owner gave a quick talk while the tour guide got a few things ready and we dug deep into the history of beer and brewing in Milwuakee.




The first 35-45 minutes were in the main room where we watched some videos, saw some slides and heard stories about the nearby buildings, former owners, and the Best & Pabst breweries. Honestly it wasn’t what I expected but I really enjoyed the flow and material. There is a bartender serving beers (after your first one it is a cash bar but it is by no means expensive – I think my beer was $3-4) all through the presenation and bathrooms are right there behind where you are sitting.




Once you wrap up that the group is given a bit of time to get a beer, hit the bathroom and head upstairs to the next stop. There is an awesome room, bar and just overall area right upstairs. The day we went there were a ton of chairs out and a wedding happening in the evening (not sure if it was just in the courtyard or what but they could have sat a good number of people in that room as well. There are bathrooms, some really cool original Best signs on the wall and in the floor, a really cool bar, a great view, and the office of the former owner. There is still some of the furniture there and you can of course take a turn sitting in the chair.

The history lesson (with a view) continues for a bit and then moves to the basement. In the basement are a number of rooms and something that looks like a jail. They arent sure what the original use was so feel free to guess on your visit. From here you head up some stairs and wrap up the tour outside (or in a bar area I imagine if it is cold/raining) and can go grab a beer, buy some merch or do what I did and head to my car and hit up Summerfest for the day!

Overall I have to say the tour wasn’t what I expected but it really was a cool walk down the history of Best Brewery, Pabst Brewery, and beer in Milwuakee that I highly recommend.