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350 Brewing Company

Last week I was running an errand and it happen to be just before noon. I did a quick search in my Untappd App and found a few options, happily I saw 350 Brewery was one of them. Last year while trying to get to a concert at the (who knows what the name is today) big nearby venue I noticed 350 Brewery and simply hadn’t been back in the area until now. So of course I had to go and try it!

For more on them go visit or drive your butt over to 7144 183rd St, Tinley Park, IL 60477.

350 Brewery Beer Food Tasting

350 Brewering Chicken Sandwich & Onion Rings

So what did I have? I got a chicken sandwich and upgraded to some onion rings. Both quite good I have to say. The $2 up charge for the rings was a bit much considering the price for just the sandwich but still overall the food there seems pretty good. Overall they keep it pretty simple with their offerings – hot dog, burger, sandwiches, and a ton of appetizers to pick from.

As far as beers, I grabbed a quite flight so I could try as many as possible (of course).

350 Brewery Beer Flight Tasting

350 Brewing Beer Flight

  • Crook – This IPA was likely my fave of the 4
  • Old Friend – not my fave but still good
  • Ruckus – it was a toss up so I had the bartender recommend one and he picked this one based off my other selections
  • Hold Your Horses – quite good

Overall all were pretty darn good. I did have to get a photo of the Old Friend since when you combine the flight glasses they use and the coloring of the beer the “kid” in me came out. Tell me I’m not the only one that thinks it looks like… well you figure it out.


The music, people and vibe even at noon on a weekday was still loud and chill – if that makes any sense? Don’t go if you want a quiet drink but do go if you want to get some good beer and especially if you are heading over down the road to catch a concert.