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In recent months I had hit HOB for a Revolution Brewery and Oskar Blues Brewery tap takeovers and both were great events. I went to the event with high hopes and despite a friend having to cancel last minute I still figured that I would try a few beers, score some appetizers and maybe get lucky with a raffle ticket and win something.



Well I went 1 for 3 and personally wasn’t impressed with the beer options. Of the three Tap Takeovers this was the least impressive. Maybe it was the rain, maybe it was the beer options, maybe it was the fact that I rarely saw any servers and not a single appetizer being passed. Whatever the reason I just wasn’t impressed and actually left somewhat early compared to past times. I do have to say that when I mentioned something to the one host all of a sudden a plate appeared in front of me and the same for the group standing next to me (they said something when they saw them appear for me). The fact that they had no idea any were being passed or available only confirms that they weren’t and sure you get what you pay for but after seeing lots the previous two Tap Takeovers I honestly put off dinner this time – figures eh?



Normally I arrive around 5-5:15 but it was raining and my meeting had finished early so I actually was there a good 10 minutes early. The place was already filling up. By the time I left around 7 it was really packed from the front to the back – good for them! So like I have said in the past, if you want a spot at the bar, a stool, or a table – get there early.

Half Acre Brewery Beers

I didn’t actually have all of these as I found out after the first sip that the Baume was basically coffee and well, I can’t stand coffee. The downside to trying beers and the beer list having almost no information available about each beer. So -1 for me wasting a beer and $4.

  • Golden Tuna – not my fave beer by them but really close to snagging the title!
  • GoneAway – I’ve had this before and it really is good.
  • Baum√© – I did not like but it wasn’t until I got it did I realize the heavy coffee smell and taste. That is what I get for not looking it up first.
  • Apex Predator by Off Color Brewing – Not by Half Acre but it is from another Chicago team and was really good.



Half Acre Brewery HOB Tap Takeover

So overall I wasn’t impressed and am hoping it was just an off night for me, the weather, the bar, and basically everything. I imagine I will try and make the next one but might be hesitant to go out of my way if the next time goes the same way. Then again $4 beers of good stuff in the city is a pretty good deal.

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