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It is time for another Chicago HOB Tap Takeover with Green Flash Brewing Company taking over for April’s event. It also happened to be the same night as the NFL Draft just down the street here in Chicago – talk about great timing (or bad if you were trying to find parking).


Mario of Green Flash Brewing Company

The place honestly was a bit empty compared to past evenings. Even the last event that took place on a cold rainy night had a higher turnout, I wonder if the NFL Draft being in town had the reverse effect from what I had expected.

So as far as what I had, here are my quick thoughts:

I am guessing that the passing of appetizers is no longer a thing during these events so plan to either get a bite to eat before or after (or while at the event as they have a ton of food you can buy!) – I saw not a single one this time. As you can see from the photo below I went with a burger from Billy Goat Tavern because, why not?

Billy Goat Tavern Burger

Green Flash Brewing Company Tap Takeover Beer List

I was a bit mixed on seeing what I thought was a light turnout. That said it did make it easier to snag a seat and beers throughout the night. Thanks to Mario of Green Flash for being an awesome host – great guy! I also ended up talking cars and beer with some other attendees since my buddy got screwed over by a last minute client fire that he had to put out (more beer for the rest of us!). As always these events are a great way to try some new beers & listen to some music plus at $4-5 a beer it is hard to argue the price even if you end up not loving it.

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