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Last night I headed over to the House of Blues for another Tap Takeover. Having been to Revolution Brewery’s brewpub multiple times and like most people, loving their beer – this event was a no brainer for me. I don’t think it got as packed as the last one but then it also was maybe 10 degrees out at best all day and the wind had me feeling quite cold. Maybe the other reason is that Revbrew is just up the road and people are able to get even the hard to find stuff so often. The Oskar Blues Brewery Takeover was from a non-local brewer so it was perhaps a more “special treat”.

Bar Crowd @ Revbrew Tap Takeover

No matter the reason it was a good time. I actually went solo this time as the date/time didnt work for the few people I pinged and since I was already downtown and they had good, cheap beer – how could I not go? On the plus side I randomly talked to some people, had a few beers and in the end called it a good night. Due to my aversion of Porters and Stouts I was able to try everything on the list that I wanted.

Revolution Brewery Tap Takeover Beer List
My beers consisted of the following:

  • Jukebox Hero
  • TV Party
  • Coup D’etat

Quick Tap Takeover Tips

Crowd around 6:30PM

  • Get there before 6PM if you want a seat/table. Most go by 5:30 but the past two events the last one was usually taken by 6PM.
  • Tip your waiter or waitress. I don’t understand why I get shocked looks after I tip for each beer.
  • There are apps, not enough for you to call it a dinner but they do pass a good amount around.
  • Bands and music is loud. It is a bar that plays music. Just in case you weren’t aware.
  • Lastly, keep your raffle ticket handy they give you. They give away multiple prizes each night and it costs you nothing to enter. FREE STUFF!

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