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This will be my 3rd BBC in 3 years (Tampa in 2016 and Milwaukee in 2017). So the third time’s the charm as Beer Bloggers Conference (BBC) starts 2018 in Charm City. From there it heads to Delaware, yes DE! And from there we head to the VA as in Virginia. I am also on track to hang out with at least 2 friends that live locally to where the conferences will be – I need to figure out how to make that 3 friends! Oh, and did you notice that the conference hits 3 States in 3 days, see a trend here?

loudoun-county-va-2018So when is this conference? Look right! The Beer Bloggers Conference is a yearly event in case you weren’t sure. The conference itself takes place in Loudoun County, VA from Aug 10-11th and the pre and post travel is from Charm City -> Delaware -> VA is the before and after excursions August 8-9th and the fun wraps up in Richmond, VA on August 12th.

beervana-guinness-gate-brewery-smallI personally am making 2 of the 3 Pre and Post Excursions. Sadly I won’t make the Guinness event but the place looks awesome as was shown in a writeup on Beervana and the photo here.

The other excursions will take us to Dogfish Head and to Richmond, Virginia where we will visit a number of places on the Richmond Beer Trail. I also recently found out that a friend has their office right downtown Richmond by a number of breweries. Guess where we will likely be coworking?


I do have to say that the events offer a great chance to meet people into the beer from all over the world. It also allows me to peek behind the curtain of a number of breweries from areas I may or may not visit on my own, but certainly don’t get the level of access that you get while attending the conference.

If you are reading this and can’t make the conference – have no fear. I will post a wrapup post I am sure, but honestly, you should try and join us there. After visiting and having great times in Tampa and Milwaukee the past two years I have high hopes that the third time will also be the charm (no pressure there Baltimore, Dogfish and VA!).

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